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Report: Cavs not looking to move Kevin Love

If you're expecting a block buster move on Thursday, I'd pump the brakes.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Windhorst joined ESPN 850 to discuss Thursday's trade deadline, and says that he stands by the idea that the Cavaliers are not looking to move Kevin Love, and promised that they aren't trading him for Pelicans F Ryan Anderson.

He also mentioned that the Cavaliers would probably have to pay with a pick or another player if they want to find a taker for Anderson Varejao's contract, which is, y'know, fair.

Based on Jason Lloyd's report that indicated that the Cavaliers core would stay intact and then this from Windhorst, I think it's probably fair to feel as though any move made by the Cavaliers will be on the margins.

That's not to say their rotation players are unavailable, but it seems like the Cavaliers would need a no-brainer offer to do so and that just doesn't seem very likely. The main pieces of this team are likely going to be what they are going forward, and I would caution against hopes getting too high.

The Cavaliers assets just aren't that great, and it doesn't look like they're going to be able to swindle teams out of good players. Too many teams are trying to compete right now.

Obviously, there's a lot of time for insanity to come, but it looks like those plugged into the Cavaliers organization don't expect anything too wild.