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Report: Cavs don't think Joe Johnson wants out of Brooklyn

The Cavaliers community's favorite buyout candidate might not want off of his team.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Dave McMenamin of ESPN posted a story earlier today indicating that, among other things, the Cavaliers don't think that Joe Johnson wants to be bought out of his huge expiring contract with the Nets, and may even want to stick with the team past this year.

While it makes sense to not want a buyout, since that typically means taking less money, the desire to possibly stick around with the most hapless franchise in sports while it rebuilds is really jarring.

As it stands, while many in the Cavaliers community have been pining for Iso Joe, he's probably not some savior anyway. He'd be near the end of the rotation if he were to join the Cavaliers anyway.

That said, it'd be nice for the Cavaliers if they had the option. With limited assets, their options for improving the roster are very limited, so they need to have as many routes to improving the team as possible.

McMenamin also indicated that the Cavaliers weren't too hot on adding salary through their trade exceptions without sending some out, and that makes perfect sense. The tax bill is already going to be ludicrous, and Dan Gilbert's probably not interested in adding tens of millions of dollars to an already expensive roster unless he's very sure it's going to increase the likelihood of a title.