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Fear the Links: trade deadline post-mortem

A few links to articles about this year's trade deadline.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline was overall lackluster. No star players were moved and it doesn't feel as if any of the completed deals will alter the season in a meaningful way.

Still, the Cavs acquiring Channing Frye is interesting, as are other deals like the Pistons acquiring Tobias Harris from the Magic and the Wizards acquiring Markieff Morris.

Here are a few links to some trade deadline thoughts.

At Bleacher Report, Sean Highkin wrote about why the Cavs had to trade for Frye, but also why it may not be enough to for the Cavs to catch the Warriors.

At Sports Illustrated, Ben Golliver broke down the trade deadline's winners and losers.

At the Akron Beacon Journal, Jason Lloyd's always insightful final thoughts included some interesting details about Anderson Varejao's departure from Cleveland.

At ESPN, Dave McMenamin wrote about Tyronn Lue's second half goals of getting rest for LeBron James and finishing with the best record in the East.

At Hardwood Paroxysm, new FtS writer Daniel Rowell and Quentin Rosborough e-mailed back and forth for the entirety of deadline day.

Also at HP, Dane Carbaugh broke down the deadline in another episode of his excellent 'Baseline Rewind' series.

At Fear the Sword, Justin Rowan hosted another awesome episode of 'Fear the Podcast' where the crew mused on the end of Varejao's time in Cleveland.

Also at Fear the Sword, EVR1022 wrote about how Frye fits with the Cavs.

Lastly, at ESPN, Zach Lowe hosted two good podcasts talking about the deadline. One, with David Thorpe, discusses the fit of players were traded and another features a discussion with Marc Stein about the gossip surrounding this year's trade deadline.

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