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Report: Former Cleveland Cavalier Anderson Varejao signs with Golden State Warriors

Varejao finds a new home

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Varejao had never played for another NBA organization besides the Cleveland Cavaliers before a deal on the day of the NBA's trade deadline sent him to the Portland Trailblazers. The Blazers are in the midst of a re-shuffling, and didn't have room for Varejao; they were mostly in the deal for the first round pick the Cavs sent their way. After waiving and using the stretch position on Varejao, Portland moved on quickly.

This gave Varejao the opportunity to test the market and decide where he wants to go. He's seen just about everything in the NBA, except for an NBA championship. He'll have a strong chance to do that this season after deciding to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

This adds to an embarrassment of riches for the Warriors, who are still challenging for the best regular season record of all time, and won last season's NBA title. Varejao gives a team that is missing Festus Ezeli off their bench to injury a non-Mo Speights option. Maybe Varejao fits in and could do it. Maybe he doesn't have anything left to help out a contender. It's a free roll of the dice for the Warrors. If the Cavs and Warriors meet each other in the Finals, it could prove awkward for one of the great Cavaliers of all time to be suiting up for the enemy. This was the risk the Cavs took when they shipped Varejao off.

It's unlikely Varejao would have a huge role in such a series, barring injury, but it'd be another subplot in a matchup that already figures to have plenty. It sort of hurts to see Andy joining up with a clear Cavs rival, but after the Cavs traded him I suppose there's no reason to expect loyalty. What isn't extended doesn't need to be reciprocated.