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Watch: Tristan Thompson blocks Rodney Stuckey to seal Cavs win

Tristan Thompson was the hero for the Cavs on Tuesday.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson normally impacts the game in subtle ways. His game isn't flashy and when he changes the game in a meaningful way, it often comes in ways that go unnoticed.

Monday night was the exception. Thompson, a possession after scoring the Cavs' go-ahead basket, swatted Rodney Stuckey's layup at the rim to help seal the win for Cleveland. It also was key in helping the Cavs snap their two-game losing streak with a 100-96 win.

Via The Cauldron:

It's worth noting that Matthew Dellavedova and Kyrie Irving did a really nice job to funnel Stuckey towards Thompson inside. But Thompson deserves most of the credit here, as his block was spectacular.