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NBA announces pivotal call on J.R. Smith was incorrect

It's too late to help the Cavs

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the majority of Twitter delighting in J.R. Smith making a mistake in the closing moments of a game, the NBA has announced that the pivotal call that made the Celtics five point possession possible was one that was incorrectly made. The judgment was first reported by ESPN's Brian Windhorst:

While the call was incorrectly made and cost the Cleveland Cavaliers a win Friday night, it was the team's play that enabled them to be in a situation where they could get burned by a bad call or a buzzer beating shot. The regular season doesn't mean much, especially for a Cavs team who's path to the NBA Finals seems clear. The loss gives the team an opportunity to look at what they've done wrong and what they need to work on, while escaping with a win could give them a sense that they can "turn it on" whenever they want.

Maybe that's me just looking for a silver lining. But of course there is some frustration over a blown call deciding a game. It's a thing that happens in the league unfortunately, but on the bright-side we can now read Celtics think-pieces on how they are contenders. So that's fun.