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Fear the Sword welcomes new writers to the team

Fear the Sword is ready for the stretch run

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I tend to add people to the Fear the Sword team in a manner similar to that of NBA teams. There's the offseason, where we diagnose the team's needs and make targeted acquisitions. Then there is the All-Star break and trade deadline, where we re-evaluate where we are and what could help us be better. I think we are having a pretty good year, but there's always room to improve.

I think we are doing just that with our new additions to the team. We are actually adding four new members, though several will be familiar to our regular commenters. One note: we received over 100 applications, many from folks who are overqualified. If we passed you over I apologize. Frankly, there should be about six more Cavs blogs with all the talented people out there.

Without further ado, here's a bit of information about who is coming aboard.

The first is Alex Raulli, and everyone here should be aware of him.  Alex is a Syracuse fan that started rooting for the Cavs when they drafted Dion Waiters (a.k.a. the GOAT). He loves math, and writes about z-scores from time to time. He is not on any social media, but is always lurking around in the comment section.

Next up is Alex Ralston, but you may know him as LimrickyDavis. Alex is an HR professional and Cavs fan from Detroit. When he's not watching basketball he's writing limericks about it. Follow him on twitter @LimrickyDavis or @ARalsto.

Brett Zelman is a graduate student at Cleveland State in the Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts program, getting his masters in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction.  He has watched Cleveland sports for all of his life with little success.  He's still holding hope for Anthony Bennett's potential.  You can reach him on Twitter @BLouisZelman.

Last but not least is Daniel Rowell. He is an illustrator and writer, disguised as a public health researcher. You may find his art on the cover of the current issue ofHP Quarterly.  Recently, he said, "Hi TT" to Tristan Thompson at the halftime of a Cavaliers game and Tristan may or may not have looked back. Dan is still recovering at his home in Chicago. You can follow him on Twitter at @DanielJRowell.

So there you have it. These guys should all bring something different to the table, both in regards to each other, and in regards to what we already have around here. I assume everyone will give them a warm welcome.