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Windhorst: Cavs pursuing Korver, others

Brian Windhorst discussed trade targets for the Cavaliers. Could they make a move?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline is coming soon, and Brian Windhorst jumped onto ESPN 850 to discuss who the Cavaliers might be targeting and offered plenty of interesting information.

Windhorst reported that the Cavaliers have talked to the Kings about a Timofey Mozgov deal, but have been rebuffed. Also, they've expressed interest in Kyle Korver if the Hawks decide to blow things up. Finally, Windy reported that the Cavaliers may be showcasing Anderson Varejao and also have Omer Asik and Tyreke Evans from the Pelicans on their radar.

There's a lot to unpack here, but the main thing is that the Cavaliers just don't have a lot of movable assets. They don't have valuable draft picks,  Mozgov and Mo Williams values aren't high, and they don't have anything in the way of young prospects they're willing to deal. The most likely outcome is that nothing major happens.

The Korver news seems like the most out of left field, and definitely involves the biggest name. It'd be a wild addition, but it seems like its pretty unlikely. Korver is coming off of the best season in his career, and the Hawks would really have to be blowing things up to consider moving him. Even then, I'm not sure that the Cavs would put the best offer on the table.

It's also worth noting that Korver hasn't been great this season, and he's 34 years old. He doesn't have much left in the tank, and an addition might not make sense long-term.

With regards to the Kings talks, this makes sense. I'd imagine the Cavs are targeting Kosta Koufos and one of the Kings wings. For the Kings, moving Koufos might make sense with DeMarcus Cousins and Willie Cauley-Stein eating minutes at the five spot. Koufos is locked up long term, so they might just want to open the room with Mozgov's expiring contract, though it seems they're not biting just yet.

Evans isn't a great fit for Cleveland due to his total inability to shoot the ball and tendency towards ball dominance. The Cavs have enough players who can pound the rock. My guess is that the Cavs would be compensated for absorbing the bloated salary and contract length on Asik's contract, but should ask for a player that's a better fit if they want to make that happen, as the Turkish big man has been absolutely brutal this season.

Once again, all in all, we probably shouldn't expect anything too big. The Cavs basically need other teams to be giving away their players for free, and with such an explosion in cap room, taking on money isn't as valuable as it normally is.

This variation of the Cavaliers roster is probably what we'll see after the deadline, and that's not such a bad thing. They're talented and have versatility. They just need to continue to jell and keep moving towards their ceiling.