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Cleveland Cavaliers clinch playoff spot with win over Orlando Magic

It hasn't always been pretty, but this is a playoff team

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When LeBron James decided to return to Cleveland, this was part of the deal. There might be some headaches, some growing pains. But there would be the playoffs, and more. If the season ended today, the Cavs would be the East's top seed. If the season continued, and the Cavs lost their last 14 games, they'd still make the playoffs.

It's time to start getting guys some rest, but also getting some consistency in the rotations. It's March 18 and the team doesn't quite have it. There are lineups that work, and there are lineups that haven't worked all year and are still getting too much run. Hopefully all the side run-ins with drama come to a close, or wind down. Tonight, Kevin Love didn't play in the fourth quarter. It shouldn't matter. There's one goal, a championship. Getting to the playoffs is step one. The Warriors and Spurs are insane, and there simply isn't time for anything else.

The playoffs are really fun. The Cavs will be there.