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Fear the Links: Everyone has a take on Kyrie irving

Kyrie Irving, for a variety of reasons, draws a variety of takes.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving has been discussed a lot lately. His assist numbers - he's currently averaging a career-low 4.5 per game - have led some people to say he's killing the Cavs' offense. Others say he's not a true point guard who doesn't play any and doesn't with LeBron James.

But Kyrie has also been key for the Cavs of late. He scored 10 fourth quarter points against the Mavericks last week to seal the win and also came up with two big defensive plays down the stretch. His game also isn't that of a traditional point guard and while he might over dribble a bit, he's a scorer first and foremost.

All the talk about Irving led a to several interesting pieces about him in the past week. Here are a few of the best.

At Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie, Dan Devine wrote about how Irving isn't overly selfish, but the Cavs might have a problem anyway.

At Fox Sports, Michael Pina wrote about why LeBron should stop worrying about the selfish Kyrie.

At Bleacher Report, Kevin Ding wrote about how Kobe Bryan was right in saying Kyrie has become key to unlocking the Cavs' full potential.

At, Chris Haynes wrote about how Kyrie again proved he isn't ready to lead a team.

Also at, Terry Pluto wrote about how his defensive shortcomings might be a bigger problem for Irving than assists.