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LeBron says he'd take a pay cut to play with Anthony, Paul and Wade

In a story by Bleacher Report's Howard Beck, LeBron says he'd take a pay cut to play with his best friends.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Today in a longer feature about the friendship between LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony by Bleacher Report's Howard Beck, LeBron revealed that he's thought out teaming up with Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade (aka his best friends in the NBA) and said he'd take a pay cut to do so.

From Beck's outstanding piece:

Decisions have been made, trades forced, contracts signed, fates chosen, taking the teen stars down starkly different paths. The bond endures. The vision of a James-Anthony partnership does, too.

"I really hope that, before our career is over, we can all play together," James said. "At least one, maybe one or two seasons—me, Melo, D-Wade, CP can get a year in. I would actually take a pay cut to do that."

Maybe at the end of their careers, James said. Maybe sooner. One more ring chase, this time with everyone on board.

"It would be pretty cool," James said. "I've definitely had thoughts about it."

Before bounding away, he smiles and closes with a coy chirp: "We'll see."

This isn't the most surprising thing LeBron has ever said, nor does it mean much. He's always preferred playing with his best friends and it's been a point of emphasis from him everywhere he's been to build a close-knit atmosphere in some way.

It's also really hard to see how this would happen in the immediate future when all four would be near their respective primes. Wade is a free agent this summer. but he's probably a Heat lifer and probably won't want to take the pay cut necessary to make the salaries work. LeBron could be a free agent, but he'll probably seek a max this summer too. Anthony and Paul are both on longer contracts and would have to be acquired via trade. Even under the upcoming higher salary cap, getting these four players on the same roster would be incredibly hard to pull off.

In the meantime, Melo can join LeBron, Paul and Wade next time they goof around on a banana boat.