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Final score: Cavs ride teamwork and ball movement to 113-104 win over Bucks

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the young Milwaukee Bucks tonight at Quicken Loans Arena by a final score of 113 to 104. The Cavaliers were lead by LeBron James and Kevin Love, who combined to score 50 points in the contest. The Cavaliers started the game off hot but the Bucks kept it close and after three quarters the Cavs only lead by 2. However, with the game on the line the Cleveland defense stepped it up a notch and held the Bucks to just 17 points in the fourth quarter, securing the teams second win in a row.

The win was a welcome result for the Cavaliers during yet another period of drama during this season. The Cavs have a tenuous hold on first place in the Eastern Conference and it seems like each day there is a new controversy surrounding the team. The sky is not falling, no matter who follows who on Twitter or what friends LeBron would like to play with but there are definite areas of concern with this team.

Lue has said he will prioritize rest over locking up the one seed, which means every minute of time on the court is important for the Cavs best players. Lue needs to create rotations and consistently stick with them over the next 11 games. There is more than enough information available to indicate which lineups perform the best together and ideally we will see more of these from now until the end of the season. Hopefully the lock down defense of the fourth quarter and heavy involvement of Kevin Love will continue tomorrow night against New Jersey.