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Up to Now: A Cavaliers limerick review

Reviewing the Cavs' season to date, with a limerick.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This is your Cavs almost end of the season review

It will be in limerick form because that's what I do

We'll cover Cavs basketball, if Lue has rotations at all

And all that is wine, gold and navy blue

Things looked good to start the year

To the Cavs no other Eastern teams were near

Kyrie was on track for a Christmas comeback

And Moz's play was not yet something to fear

Was looking like another finals trip

Even when near Christmas their play did dip

But they lost a few, got blown out by GSW

And by the talking heads they were ripped

It was just before the all star break

When a shocking move Griffin did make

Didn't like where the team was at, so he canned David Blatt

And the head coaching gig Ty Lue did take

Then Griffin dealt for Channing Frye

But Lue still hasn't figured out why

He thinks hes a four but should play the five more

Lue's rotations make fans want to cry

But those are not the only issues

Lets talk about LeBron's Twitter misuse

Hes followed & tweeted about what the teams needed

Which doesn't seem like a thing a good leader would do

There are now just 11 games remaining

And on the Cavs the Raptors are gaining

Still the favs in the East & the ECF is the expectation at least

Though their problems disappear if 3s they start draining