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Young Cavs fan sports temporary tattoos for J.R. Smith bobblehead night

A young Cavs fan went all out for J.R. Smith bobblehead night.

#SwishBobble Night off to an ink-credible start! to this young fella.

A photo posted by Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) on

Last night at J.R. Smith bobblehead night, a young Cavs fan went all out.

As you can see, the fan - along with a Smith Christmas Day jersey - sported a number of fake tattoos, many of which were copies of the many tattoos Smith has. For instance, the fan recreated the New York Yankees tattoo Smith has on the center of his neck. That tattoos seemed to have paid off, as the fan netted an autograph from Smith.

Interestingly enough, Smith's bobblehead didn't feature any tattoos.