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LeBron calls loss to Nets 'a step backwards'

LeBron had some choice words about the Cavs' loss to Brooklyn.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Brooklyn Nets, the second-worst team in the Eastern Conference, last night 104-95. The Cavs trailed for much of the game and also missed a number of open shots in the process.

The only person to really play well was LeBron James, who scored 30 points and kept the Cavs in it when they weren't playing well. After the game, LeBron called the loss 'a step backward'. Here's the full quote via Chris Haynes of

There's ben a lot truth to what LeBron is saying. This wasn't a one-off, bad loss for the Cavs. They've had a number of a number of weird losses - the late collapse in vs. the Raptors in Toronto, the 21-point loss to the Heat, etc. - that are perplexing for a team this talented.

And as LeBron hinted at, there are 10 games left in the regular season before the playoffs start. Right now, the Cavs aren't exactly playing at the level most would have assumed they'd be at by now.