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Coach LeBron was an animated sideline presence against the Rockets

Despite not playing, LeBron James was a visible presence Tuesday night.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James took Tuesday night off to rest as the Cleveland Cavaliers took on the Houston Rockets. Despite not playing, LeBron - who was dressed in a suit and looked almost like a coach, only slightly more casual - was a visible presence on the sideline in the Cavs' 106-100 loss and was often speaking with coach Tyronn Lue at different points in the game.

First, he coached the Cavs in the huddle during a timeout and really got into it. Too bad Timofey Mozgov looked sort of disinterested. If only LeBron was still tweeting.

Then, he got so close to the court that the refs thought he was actually on the court. He responded by saying "How am I on the court? No I'm not" just before the half.

Lastly, LeBron was noticeably frustrated after the Trevor Ariza hit a corner three to put the Rockets up four late. Ariza's three basically sealed Houston's 20-point comeback win.

That last part is especially cold. At the end, he appears to stare right at the spot where Ariza buried his three. Coach LeBron was most definitely not feeling Tuesday's loss.