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Kyrie Irving opens up about Kehlani on Twitter

Kyrie Irving took to Twitter to address rumors about he and his now ex-girlfriend Kehlani

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Kyrie Irving was in the headlines after his now ex-girlfriend, R&B singer Kehlani, appeared in a photo that indicated she was with her ex-boyfriend, fellow musician PARTYNEXTDOOR. The internet responded quickly and harshly, with most of the ire reserved directed at Kehlani for apparently cheating on Kyrie.

As it turns out, Irving and Kehlani had broken up before the photo was taken. Additionally, Kehlani Instagrammed a photo indicating that she attempted suicide after the rumors of her infidelity spread rampantly online and she took a lot of the blame. As noted by both Kehlani and Irving, the two were not dating at the time of the photo that sparked this entire situation.

Irving addressed the situation in a series of tweets Wednesday night:

These are Irving's first comments on the matter and it's good to see he's not throwing Kehlani under the bus and appeared to just want the clear the air, albeit two days after the rumors started. The best news of all, though, is that Kehlani has been released from the hospital and is on her way to fully recovering.