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LeBron James credits his 'beautiful mind' for cryptic tweets

There's nothing to see here. Nothing at all.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James ruffled feathers last week by tweeting out a bunch of cryptic messages that may or may not be aimed at his teammates. Some Cavs fans (understandably) freaked out. Today, LeBron offered up an explanation for this tweets.

McMenamin wrote a full story on LeBron's social media presence of late that's worth a read. In it, LeBron offered up more reasoning for his tweets and said they are for the 'educated mind'.

At this point - with Kyrie Irving sending out a cryptic tweet of his own - this is a bit of a mess. No one is really sure of what LeBron is trying to say in his tweets and it doesn't seem like he cares about the backlash. This all might mean nothing, but if seems as if LeBron is attempting to use his tweets as motivation. It's either that or it's a big joke they are in on to take the media for a ride.