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LeBron James, Kyrie Irving talk about Kobe ahead of 'Mamba Day'

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James are among the many Nike athletes who spoke about Kobe Bryant's legacy in recent video.

Along with the likes of Roger Federer, Odell Beckham and Kevin Durant, Cleveland Cavaliers stars LeBron James and Kyrie were among the many Nike athletes who spoke about about Kobe Bryant's legacy in a recent video released by Nike.

Bryant, of course, is finishing up his last week as an NBA player. Nike is honoring him on Wednesday, April 13 with 'Mamba Day'. Nike athletes - including LeBron and Kyrie - will wear black and gold shoes on 'Mamba Day' to honor Kobe.

LeBron and Kyrie both have interesting relationships with Kobe. LeBron and Kobe, of course, are two of the players that have defined the NBA post Michael Jordan, but famously never squared off in the NBA Finals. As for Kyrie, he once famously challenged Kobe to a game of 1 vs. 1 back in 2012 and dueled later that season.