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Channing Frye defends Cavs locker room, says it's one of tightest groups he's been part of

It's been a strange year for the Cavs, but Channing Frye says the team is close

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

When David Blatt was fired as coach of the Cavs, a "joyless" locker room was one of the reasons cited by the team. One of Tyronn Lue's duties was going to be turn the mood of the team around, to make winning fun again. According to Channing Frye, who was traded to the team shortly after Blatt's firing, that mission has been accomplished. While talking about the excitement of playoff basketball, Frye brought up the strong chemistry of the team unprompted.

"I love our chemistry ... we've grown a lot."

And when asked about that view in light of the national narrative, in which Cavaliers and dysfunction are oftentimes synonymous, he did not mince words.

According to Frye:

"It's a bunch of bullsh*t. It was overblown like crazy. This is, probably, one of the best locker rooms I've ever been in in my career. I think so many things get overblown. I just literally stopped watching ESPN and all that other kind of stuff. It's like 'I'm in the locker room and you guys are making up stuff that doesn't even exist. It's kind of crazy.For us, it just makes us meld together. We laugh about it at times. It brings us together, makes us a better team."

Now, of course Channing Frye is going to defend the makeup of the team. But there are lots of ways to answer these questions without answering these questions. Frye went out of his way to defend the relationships guys have within the team. It's not a huge deal for Frye to make these comments, but it certainly isn't a bad thing.