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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Detroit Pistons, Game 4: time, tv info, radio and more

The Cavs look to sweep the Pistons in Detroit. Here's how to watch.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

For the second consecutive season, the Cavs are looking for a first round sweep over their opponent. The Detroit Pistons and Cleveland Cavaliers have played a series that in some ways mirrors the one they played with the Boston Celtics a year ago. The Cavs are facing a young, upstart team that is well coached and has kept each game competitive. Along the way, things have gotten steadily more physical.

Last season, it resulted in Kevin Love being knocked from the playoffs and shoulder surgery. J.R. Smith found himself suspended for the first two games of the Cavs' series with the Bulls. In the case of a serious injury, that seems as though it would be beyond the control of the Cavs. If things do get progressively physical tonight, hopefully the Cavs don't do anything to allow it to escalate. They will need everyone in their to eight or nine if they want to maximize their chances at an NBA title.

Can the Cavs sweep and stay healthy? Here's how you can watch or listen. See you in the game thread

Time: 8:30

TV info: TNT, Fox Sports Ohio