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Dan Gilbert part of team trying to bring MLS franchise to Detroit

Along with Pistons owner Tom Gores, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is looking to bring MLS to Detroit.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from ESPN's Marc Stein, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is partnering with Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores to bring an MLS franchise to Detroit. Per Stein, the plan has the backing of MLS commissioner Dan Garber.

From Stein:

Detroit currently doesn't have an MLS team, but it does have a National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), which is the fourth tier of American soccer. DCFC has a history of drawing a lot of fans locally and they are largely a success story despite being a semi-pro team. At this time, it seems that GIlbert and Gores' effort is completely separate from DCFC.

Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press went into a little more detail about the possible MLS team and it seems like Gilbert's role will be more on the business side.

Gilbert and Gores had their own back and forth on Twitter about their possible team-up as well: