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NFL Draft and NBA Playoffs open thread: Discuss tonight's action amongst friends

What will the Browns do? Can the Hawks move on to a second round matchup with the Cavs?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks have the opportunity to buy themselves some time off tonight as they try and close out the Boston Celtics. If you're a Cavs fan, perhaps you cheer for the Boston Celtics and more chaos. The winner of the series, of course, will begin their second round series in Cleveland on Monday night. I still don't really know who I'd rather play. Neither strike me as existential threats to the Cavs, but both could probably win a game or two and keep the games competitive. The Cavs swept both en route to the Finals last season.

This is not the only entertainment tonight. The NFL Draft will be on ESPN and the Cleveland Browns currently pick 8th. I've already told Ryan Mourton that Browns trolling is only acceptable from fellow Browns fans tonight. The Browns have been linked to just about every single player in tonight's draft, but I think we all expect another trade down. Check out for up to the minute analysis of everything the team does tonight. I say we take Ezekiel Elliott but they don't let me make the calls.

I'm in Detroit on a retreat but will try and check in as the night goes. Go Browns.