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LeBron James isn't a fan of the NBA's referee reports

LeBron James isn't fond of the NBA's referee reports.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James isn't a fan of the late gate referee reports the NBA issues after every playoff game and says it sends 'a bad message to fans' that the game only matters in the final two minutes.

From LeBron per the Sporing News:

"When they said they made a call or missed a call or a call should've been made in the last two minutes, I think it sends a bad message to our fans of thinking the game is only won in the last two minutes," James said. "A play in the first quarter is just as important as a play in the last four seconds. That's how playoff basketball is played, that's how the game of basketball should be played. And I think for the youth, the kids that love the game so much, I don't think they should hear that, 'Oh, it's OK to talk about the last two minutes (whether) calls (were) missed.'

"We should talk about the whole game, if that's the case, because the whole game matters. You miss an assignment in the first quarter, it can hurt you in the fourth quarter. So, I'm not fond of it all."

This really isn't a surprising opinion. Last week, he was a bit upset when the NBA didn't suspend Pistons center Andre Drummond and generally he takes on the attitude of 'every vs. me' this time a year. Still, while his logic may stretch a bit too far, there's some truth here. It'd be cool to see reports for an entire game instead of just the final two minutes.