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Fear the Podcast: Talking Cavs with Tom Ziller

Talking about the Cavs with Tom Ziller of SB Nation.

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Before we get into the content of this week's podcast, a quick explanation.

Last week, we recorded a podcast addressing the Kyrie Irving situation with R&B artist Kehlani among other topics. While I do not feel as though we were disrespectful to her and were simply making light of the entire situation, the tone with which we discussed the matter did not seem appropriate after she attempted to take her own life that evening. Out of respect for the people involved and the serious way that the situation unfolded we decided not to post it on FTS and deleted the podcast off of SoundCloud. I apologize that this caused a lengthy absence of the podcast on the site, but I felt as though it was the right decision.

On this week's podcast, Carter Rodriguez and myself were joined by SB Nation's Tom Ziller to discuss the dysfunction of our teams, why the Cavs are perceived in a negative light, what path exists for the Cavs to win a championship and more.

You can listen to this week's episode here:

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