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LeBron wins another East Player of the Week award

While the narrative around the Cavs remains not so rosy, LeBron James has wrecked the league for the last two weeks.

Well, after a 3-0 week and more prolific stat lines, LeBron James has won his second consecutive Eastern Conference Player of the Week award.

It's the 53rd time LeBron has won the award, and, as Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon-Journal astutely pointed out, he's now won it three times since the beginning of March alongside the February Player of the Month award.

Basically, LeBron James has been going nuts, and it's matched what he's said about gearing up for the postseason.

In fact, I was preparing to write about just how great LeBron has been as of late, but lo and behold, SBNation's Yaron Weitzman had already done my job for me.

That piece is a must read, and it focuses on LeBron's incredible finishing ability at the rim.

It's hard to lock down on a few key stats that have made LeBron so effective because he's playing incredibly well in just about every facet of the game offensively.

His playmaking specifically has been insane. In his last seven games, LeBron has assisted on 42.1 of his teammates field goals, up tremendously from his 33.9 assist percentage for the season. He's raised his assist-to-turnover ratio all the way from 2.09 to 2.68.

He's raised his raw scoring numbers, but it's not just a matter of volume. In fact, his usage rate has slightly dropped during this last stretch.

His jumper is still broken, but instead of beating a dead horse, LeBron has decided to live at the rim.

This is the chart of LeBron's last seven games. It doesn't probably look as pretty as you'd like it to, with large patches of red and literally zero corner threes. Here's the thing: the only zone that matters is the one right at the rim.

LeBron is taking almost all of his shots in the vicinity of the rim and he's finishing them at a very high rate. LeBron's best asset is his finishing, and man, is he going to that well.

The jumper remains a problem, and perhaps teams will start daring him to shoot even more than they have. That said, LeBron  is in playoff mode, and when the postseason starts, the King normally gets what he wants.