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LeBron James goes undercover at Blaze Pizza, gets mistaken for Dwayne Wade

LeBron did his own version of Undercover Boss at a Blaze Pizza location in California.

Regardless of sport, LeBron James is one of the recognizable athletes in the world. On a regular day, it's probably pretty hard for him to go out in public and not have people recognize him.

Not everyone, though, recognizes LeBron even when he's standing right in front of them. This happened recently when LeBron went undercover at Blaze Pizza location in Los Angeles - a chain he invested in last year - under the name 'Ron'. As you can see, LeBron didn't even bother to wear a disguise - just a backward hat and a Blaze t-shirt. One customer even said he looked like Dwyane Wade. Some customers did give 'Ron' some weird looks, though.

Watch Ron - err, LeBron - go undercover below.