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LeBron James says his retirement is up to his kids

LeBron James says when he retires is up to his kids.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

LeBron James is 31, so it'd be a little surprising if he retired at any point in the near future. But when he does, LeBron says it'll up to his kids.

Per Joe Vardon of

"It's kind of up to my kids, really," James said. "I've missed so much of my kids' tournaments and things of that nature when I'm playing. So, it's kind of up to them. They'll let me know when they're tired of seeing me go away."

LeBron, in 13 NBA seasons, have already logged 46,349 minutes when you combine the regular season and postseason. Add in his time starring for Team USA - he's played in the last three Olympics - and he already has a ton of miles in his body. If he were to retire and cited not only his kids, but his massive work load, it wouldn't be a shock.

In truth, LeBron's career might be extended and his burden lessened if he continues to click with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. The Cavs' 'Big Three' has arguably never performed better as a group than they are right now and as LeBron moves later into his 30s, it'd be ideal for Irving and Love to assume more of team's overall load.

LeBron, weirdly enough, is also becoming the player whose retirement is most openly discussed. With Kobe Bryant retired, and the Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett likely soon to follow this summer or next, LeBron is the next star on the docket even though he's 31.