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Miami Heat Game 6 win over Toronto Raptors means Cavs will play Tuesday night

The Cavs still don't have an opponent, but their series will begin Tuesday night

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Friday night's Game 6 victory by the Miami Heat over the Toronto Raptors locks in the Cavaliers next game to take place on Tuesday night. Game 7 of Raptors-Heat on Sunday will determine their opponent. While the Cavs have faced the absolute minimum number of games through two rounds of the NBA playoffs, their opponent will be coming off two seven-game series. And while the Cavs are relatively healthy, both the Raptors and Heat are dealing with various maladies.

Had the Raptors closed out the Heat last night, Game 1 would have taken place at 3:30 pm on Sunday. Richard Jefferson made it clear on his snapchat that he was preferring a Game 7, not because he prefers facing one team over the other, but simply because he doesn't like afternoon games at his age. With the way both the Heat and Raptors have struggled to produce offense, it's tough to see either team giving the Cavs too much of a challenge. Crazier things have happened, though.