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LeBron James quoted Jay-Z in postgame presser

After the Cavs loss to the Raptors, LeBron James quoted Jay-Z while explaining why he doesn't retaliate to physical play.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James is delightfully weird sometimes.

After the Cavs lost to the Raptors in Game 3, and LeBron was involved in a small scuffle and fouled by Bismack Biyombo in the process, he was asked about his decision not to retaliate and his mindset in those situations. In his response, he quoted Jay-Z. Specifically, he quoted the Jay-Z song 'Streets is Watching':

"I always think back to the Jay-Z phrase, and a line he had of, ‘If I shoot you, then I'm brainless. If you shoot me, you're famous. What am I to do?' So, that always plays in my head any time I feel like I want to react. I've got to keep my brain."

Here the video of his response:

LeBron also mentioned how he developed his mindset started to develop as a high school junior when he was low-bridged in an AAU tournament. But really, we're here for the Jay-Z quotes. Particularly older Jay-Z quotes.