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James will pay Dahntay Jones' fine

LeBron James will reportedly pay Dahntay Jones' fine for hitting Bismack Biyombo in the groin.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Vardon has reported that LeBron James will will cover the fine for that was imposed on Dahntay Jones for hitting Bismack Biyombo in the groin at the end of the Raptors Game 3 win on Saturday.

The funny bit, of course, is that Vardon says that the total cost of the fine was $80. Basically, I think Jones can handle it.

Jones says that his hit on Biyombo was unintentional, but given Biyombo's monster game, multiple run-ins with the team thus far in the series, and LeBron's willingness to pay for the fine, it's fair to wonder how "accidental" the run-in was.

James also declined to offer comment on the Draymond Green situation.

"I have no opinion on it," James said. "(The NBA) didn't ask me my opinion on Dahntay's play so they definitely don't want to hear my opinion on Draymond, so it doesn't matter."

That's probably good, as he's gotten into hot water after commenting on Steph Curry's MVP and Steve Kerr's Coach of the Year win.

All in all, this isn't a big deal, and is mostly funny, given the price of the fine, but could be noteworthy, given the Cavs bemoaning a lack of enforcer earlier in the year.

The Jones-less Cavs will square off with the Raptors on Monday night at 8:30 EST.