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Vegas lists the Cavs as the new favorite to win the NBA title

Despite struggling in the last two games, the Cavs are the new favorite to win the NBA title.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are now the betting favorites to win the NBA title.

Per betting service Bovada, the Cavs now have 7/5 odds to win it all. The Oklahoma City Thunder are close behind at 8/5 and the Golden State Warriors are listed at 3/1. The Toronto Raptors, despite beating the Cavs in the last two games, ar last with 25/1 odds.

As Bill Oram of the Orange County Register notes above, this is the first time Golden State hasn't been the betting favorit all season. It's interesting, though, that it's the Cavs and not the Thunder atop the oddmakers' list. The Thunder are currently leading the Warriors 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals and the Cavs are tired 2-2 with the Raptors.

Of course, these change all the time and the Cavs could dominate tonight and again look like the team to beat.