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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto Raptors Game 6: Time, TV info, radio and more

Can the Cavs change the story in Toronto?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here we are at what may be the end of the Eastern Conference playoffs. The Cavs stand one win away from their third ever trip to the NBA Finals, and their second in a row. The series stands at 3-2, and the Cavs are in control but not comfortable. They've lost in Toronto twice now, and look for their first win there in the series tonight. If they lose, it comes back to Cleveland on Sunday. One the one hand, the Raptors have not been competitive in Cleveland. On the other, the Cavs certainly want to avoid a Game 7.

You'd expect the Cavs to come out energetic like they did in Game 5. Tristan Thompson controlled the game early on both ends, and Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving helped the Cavs race out to an early lead with hot shooting. The Cavs fell behind early in the previous games in Toronto so matching the Raptors' intensity early on is important. If the Cavs can hang with the Raptors and be close to even going into the fourth quarter, you feel good about LeBron James and Kyrie Irving's chances. If they lose contact, you'll know the run from the Cavs is coming, but it's hard to sustain that energy so late in the game.

Time: 8:30