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Fear the Podcast: The Cavs are Finals bound

Cavs go back to back.

While this season was full of as much Cleveland Cavaliers signature drama as any other season, the Cavs have managed to put it together when it matters and have returned to the NBA Finals.

This year is the best shot the Cavs have ever had at breaking the curse and finally bringing a championship home to Cleveland.

William Bohl, Ryan Mourton, Alex Ralston and myself got together to discuss the journey that's resulted in another finals berth. All of the ups and downs, the narratives that drove us crazy, the teams that stood in the Cavs way and what getting to the Finals meant to us. We also discussed which team we believe will be the first to stop LeBron James from making the NBA Finals eventually and we took the time to throw shade at various targets.

It's a fun episode and a celebration. You can listen to it here:

Once the Finals matchup is determined, we will have another podcast up discussing the upcoming Finals and try to predict it as well as possible.