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Watch: LeBron James gets emotional in interview with Doris Burke

LeBron James was clearly moved after the Cavs' Game 6 win.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

After the Cleveland Cavaliers' Game 6 win against the Toronto Raptors, LeBron James was a little emotional.

In an interview with ESPN's Doris Burke, LeBron got choked up when talking about the Cavs making to the Finals. It's also James' sixth straight Finals appearance.

"I've been very humble and gracious that the man above has given me an opportunity to play the game that I love," he told Burke "I get to do that every single night out here in front of my fans. It's very emotional just to be a part of this. This is my sixth straight."

This is a different side of James, one he hasn't shown during this playoffs run. To date, he's been often stoic and serious. This was not that.

The Cavs will have six days off before the Finals begin on Thursday. They'll face the winner of the still ongoing Warriors vs. Thunder Western Conference Finals.