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Anderson Varejao could get a ring if the Cavs win the title

It's the result of a unique situation.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

No matter who wins the NBA title, Anderson Varejao is in a pretty good position to get a championship ring.

Varejao, now a member of the Golden State Warriors, also played for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season before being traded on February 18 as part of a three-team deal that allowed the Cavs to land Channing Frye. Varejao ended up in Portland as part of the deal, was subsequently released and then signed with the Warriors four days later.

If the Warriors win, Varejao of course automatically gets a ring. If the Cavs win, the organization isn't required to give him one since he isn't on the postseason roster or because he played 31 gams for the team. But they could give him one and considering Varjeao is one of the most popular Cavaliers ever after spending 11 years on the team, they could elect to. In the end, the decision is up to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert.

Varejao, by the way, is the first player in NBA history to play for both Finals teams in the same season.