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LeBron James says J.R. Smith is the only Cav with the 'ultra-green light'

LeBron James says J.R. Smith is the only Cavs player with the 'ultra-green light' to shoot from anywhere on the floor.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Cleveland Cavaliers set a new record by making 25 three-pointers in their Game 2 win against the Atlanta Hawks. J.R. Smith was a big part of that, as he made seven of the Cavs' threes of 15 attempts. Several them, in typical Smith fashion, were also contested.

After the game, Smith and LeBron James were the two Cavs at the podium taking questions. A reporter asked LeBron what it would be like to play like Smith for a game. His answer, after laughing a bit, was perfect.

Most notably, James said that Smith is the only one on the team with the 'ultra-green light' and that it's 'fluorescent'. Basically, Smith has the approval to shoot from anywhere he wants on the court when he has the ball.

Smith, though, would probably shoot from anywhere on the floor even if he didn't have the go-ahead.