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LeBron James says the Cavs are 'destined for greatness'

Last night after the Cavs' Game 3 win, LeBron James had high praise for the Cavs.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Last night after the Cleveland Cavaliers took a 3-0 series lead against the Atlanta Hawks, LeBron James had had high praise for his team. During his post game press conference, LeBron directly said that these Cavs are 'destined for greatness'.

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"We're a team that's destined for greatness and I really believe that," James said. "We've got a mission, and we have another chapter in our goals on Sunday so we look forward to the challenge."

Greatness, by LeBron and Cavs standards, can only mean one thing: a title. And with how the Cavs are playing right now, it certainly feels pretty possible. Through seven games in the playoffs, the Cavs are 7-0 and will have a chance to sweep the Hawks on Sunday. And perhaps most importantly, this isn't just LeBron doing the work. Both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are healthy and playing a high level so far. And as a team, the Cavs are shooting from deep at an incredibly high level. In fact, they've been historically good over the last two games:

There's still basketball to be played, but if the Cavs keep playing at this level, greatness may very well be in store.