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Nike, Krispy Kreme teaming up for Kyrie 2 colorway

The shoes actually come in a custom Krispy Kreme box.

Kyrie Irving's next sneaker looks pretty delicious.

In a team up with donut chain Krispy Kreme, the next Kyrie 2 colorway - dubbed 'Ky-Rispy Kreme' - will be donut themed. Taking on Krispy Kreme's iconic white, red and green color scheme, the shoe also comes in a special edition box modeled after Krispy Kreme's boxes. Unfortunately, the shoes don't come with donuts. Note Kyrie's logo on the side. Via STACK:

Here's a look what the truck looks like via STACK. Note that 'Ky-Rispy Kreme' appears on the front in place of the regular 'Krispy Kreme' logo:

As noted by STACK's Jordan Zirm, this sneaker probably pays homage to the fact that Irving and teammate Tristan Thompson always went to Krispy Kreme as rookies when the team's vets required them to bring donuts to practice.

If you want these shoes, you'll have to visit a special Krispy Kreme truck that is currently making it's way across the country. The truck will come to Cleveland on the same date of a possible Game 5 between the Cavs and Hawks. if you can't make the truck, these sneaker are available for $165 on NikeiD.