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Watch: Kyrie Irving stuffs Steph Curry in first half of Game 4

Kyrie Irving has stepped it up on defense

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Kyrie Irving is not known for his defensive prowess. Sure, there are times he has stepped it up and shown he can do it. Consistently, though? Not so much. So far in the Finals though, particularly in Games 3 and now 4, Kyrie has taken it to another, and perhaps new level. He's flying around, guarding different positions, forcing steals, and making Steph Curry feel him. The Cavs haven't had to hide him that much in Cleveland. None of it matches what happened in the second quarter. Steph Curry beat his man and Kyrie Irving came over to help. If the Cavs somehow find a way to win this game, this play could prove to be a turning point. Stephen Curry and the Warriors need to account for Kyrie Irving. And not just his offense. It's a brave new world.