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Video: Breaking down the Cavs Game 4 loss from Cleveland

Aaron and I went live on Facebook after the tough loss

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

We recorded this in the aftermath of the tough Game 4 loss, so I'm honestly not 100% sure what Aaron and I even had to say here. We broke down the game from our perspective about five minutes after things ended. The Cavs struggled to get offense that countered Golden State's constant switching, and suffered enough perimeter defensive breakdowns to let the Warriors take a high number of threes. While they played high level basketball in the first half, they ended up getting beat up on the boards late in the third quarter.

I'm pretty sure we talked about the Kevin Love benching and his performance, as well as Anderson Varejao's return. Richard Jefferson struggled and we talked about that as well. The Cavs fatigue was a factor, but that's not really an excuse either way. Anyway, check it out. The stopping point of the video below is really flattering for me, by the way.