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Watch: Nike commemorates the Cavs with 'Worth the Wait' ad

Get the tissues.

Unsurprisingly, Nike was quick to honor the Cleveland Cavaliers after they won the NBA Title last night in Game 7 against the Golden State Warriors. After the drought ended, Nike released an ad called 'Worth the Wait' congratulating LeBron James and the rest of the team on their title win. Here's the ad:

Here's the video description:

After years of holding its breath, Cleveland can finally
breathe easy.
They always knew this day would come. They just didn't
know when.
A curse broken.
A city can rejoice.
A city can rejoice.

Nike also updated the LeBron James banner in downtown Cleveland by adding the word 'champion' to the top with the 'c' modeled after the 'c' in the Cavaliers' logo.

The beauty of this ad is that it's relatable. People in downtown by the Q, at home in suburbs or Cavs fans watching the game in another city all felt the same thing: relief, joy and uncontrollable happiness.