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Watch the Cavaliers land in Cleveland after winning NBA Finals

The Cavaliers were greeted in Cleveland by an enormous throng of fans to celebrate with them.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Not sure if you heard, but the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship last night.

The team arrived home to Cleveland on Monday morning after stopping over in Vegas for the night, and an enormous crowd of people were there to greet them. I mean, like, a lot of people came.

The party is on in Cleveland, and the ESPN broadcast indicated that there were people stuck in traffic trying to just got to the airport. In sort of a fun moment, the team exited the plane with their phones out, filming the scene in front of them. You can tell they're still taking in the moment too, and were taken aback by the reception in Cleveland.

After a lot of the role players filtered out, LeBron came out with the Larry O'Brien trophy.

It's important to note that LeBron is decked out in his "Kermit sipping tea" hat and an Ultimate Warrior t-shirt, in case you were looking for a little subtle shade to be thrown.

It's more important to note that J.R. stepped off the plane shirtless, as I imagine he has been since the locker room.

This team was so fun, and it's great to see the city get to celebrate with its players. The championship parade is set for Wednesday. Can't believe I'm saying that.