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Report: LeBron James "leaning toward" skipping out on Olympics following NBA title

It's probably for the best

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

No one has long seasons like LeBron James has over the past six years. He plays big minutes, he almost never gets hurt, and his playoff runs are deep. He's made the Finals over and over and over again. After his third NBA championship after a grueling seven-game series with the Golden State Warriors, it's understandable if he would want to take some time off.

One issue: the United States is competing in the Summer Olympics, and James is a huge piece of the team. According to Chris Mannix of the Vertical, James might not be participating.

In the aftermath of a grueling NBA Finals, LeBron James is leaning toward not competing at the Olympics in Rio this summer, league sources told The Vertical.

While James has not informed USA Basketball of his decision, team officials are operating with the expectation that it is unlikely James will be part of the team.

This is totally understandable and probably for the best. Brazil has health and governmental issues that put the whole event at risk, but James has earned a break. The United States should be fine without him.