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A few words on the Cavs, the Fear the Sword community, and gratitude

This is so much better because of you

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I never, ever cry. It's happened one time since I was in the 7th grade, and I'm 28 now. There have been times I've wanted to, and the tears just don't come. It's okay. It's a little weird, but it's okay. I've spent most of today getting choked up at little things I read about the Cleveland Cavaliers. About their championship. About Cleveland's championship. About LeBron James leading Cleveland to a championship. About Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson all stepping up when it mattered the most.

This morning I went on a Louisiana radio show, and they asked me if I considered myself a Cavs fan. This website is a Fan blog. That's why they wanted me on. They wanted to know what Cavs fans were feeling, what Cleveland fans were feeling. I thought of a comment from one of our posters last night. I don't remember who it was or what comment thread it's under, but I tried to relay the substance of the message. And I couldn't. I was completely unable to speak, and my eyes started watering.

I wanted to tell the story of how special it was that the Cavs won on Father's Day. I wanted to explain the comment about a father passing away 15 years ago, wanting so badly to share a title with his son. And how even with him gone, that moment was shared. Eventually I got it out, and apologized for crying on the air.

If this website didn't exist, I wouldn't have read that comment, and known that story. It wouldn't have touched me like it did. Every single day I read your comments here and I learn about basketball, I laugh, I learn about gifs, I get annoyed, and on some level I get to know people from all parts of Ohio, all parts of America, all parts of the world. And it means the world to me. The Cavs won a championship last night. I'm so thankful that you all come here, that you read the stuff we publish, and that you make Cavs fandom such a rewarding experience.

I appreciate everyone of you, and owe you all a little something. I also owe our writers a huge thanks. Chris Manning writes posts breaking down video that are insightful and smart, while at the same time doing so much of the day-to-day grind stuff around here. He lives in Cleveland now, and I look forward to him covering a ton of games next year while the team embarks on a title defense.

And man, the writers we have here are tremendous. Justin Rowan and Ryan Mourton keep the podcasts and social accounts humming. Carter Rodriguez is enthusiastic and smart and just too nice. William Bohl astonishes me with his writing here and elsewhere. Daniel Rowell and Brett Zelman have been great additions. Mike Mayer pops up right when we need him the most. Trevor Magnotti and Scott Recker pop up with great stuff. And then the "new" guys, Alex Ralston and Eraulli, keep finding new ways to impress me even as I've been familiar with their work for years. Aaron Perine has been a great help with our social media, and I'm excited about what Brittanie can do as well.

Finally, Conrad Kaczmarek. We get to go to the parade together on Wednesday, and I once again find myself tearing up a little bit. How in the world did this happen? He made this a community that I wanted to be a part of.

What a team. What a season. What a community. Thank you.