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Fear the Podcast: a look at the Canton Charge

We turned to Upside & Motor EIC Chris Reichert to get the lowdown on the Canton Charge.

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The Canton Charge are an aspect of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ plan that doesn’t often get talked about. The Cavs - sans Tristan Thompson’s stint as a rookie - haven’t used the Charge in a meaningful way. FtS, to be frank, probably hasn’t covered the team as much as we should.

But the NBA as a whole is starting to use the D-League as more of a direct minor league and, in the past year, raw Cavs assets like Joe Harris and Sir’Dominic Pointer have spent time in Canton. Plus, the Charge have players like Quinn Cook and Nick Minnerath would could be options this summer for the Cavs depending on what happens with other free agents.

To get the lowdown on the Charge, FtS turned to Upside & Motor EIC Chris Reichert. Chris writes a D-League FAQ for Upside & Motor and knows the D-League perhaps better than anyone. You can listen to our conversation with him below:

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