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Cavaliers Summer League schedule released

The Cavaliers Summer League schedule has been dropped.

The Cavaliers schedule for Las Vegas Summer League has been released. Here's who they'll be tipping off with against in faux-basketball action in July:

Friday, July 8 - Milwaukee Bucks, 3 PM EST

Saturday, July 9 - Brooklyn Nets, 1:30 PM EST

Monday, July 11 - Minnesota Timberwolves, 5:30 PM EST

After that, the schedule moves into the weird playoff system that really raises the stakes of the games that will go from July 13 to July 18.

The Cavaliers haven't announced any sort of roster yet, and it'll be interesting to see who they add, or if they bring Cedi Osman over from Turkey this summer. Quinn Cook was fun last year as well, and had a nice year in the D-League, so he might be worth keeping an eye on as well if he's on the roster.

All in all, Summer League's main draw is for the worse teams in the league who are testing out new, fun rookies and Hail Mary picks that might make the roster. Most of the guys that play on this Summer League team won't make the Cavs, and that's alright. It's a good thing they don't need them.