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Announcing Fear the Newsletter

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2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers Airport Arrival Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Hello everyone and welcome to Fear the Newsletter.

This is a project we as a site have been talking about for a little while now and with free agency starting, we figured that there was no better time for it to make it a reality.

So what exactly is Fear the Newsletter? Well, that’s admittedly still up in the air somewhat right now. All we know right now is that we want it to be our Cavs-specific version of Tom Ziller's 'Good Morning, It's Basketball' - which you should also subscribe to, like, yesterday - and that it will replace ‘Fear the Links’ posts on our site. How often it will come out is to be determined, as it's general design and look. For now, while free agency is full go, it will come out everyday and the hope is that it will be that way during the regular season and playoffs as well. And no matter its form, it will be full of links from us and other sites around the web.

A special thank you also goes out to Carter Rodriguez, who helped me with a lot of the planning and allowed me to bounce ideas off him at all hours and to Daniel Rowell, who drew our amazing header art that you’ll see very soon. And as always, a big shoutout to David Zavac for being the best site manager around.

If anyone has any feedback, feel free to drop me an e-mail at We hope you enjoy and sign up below to make sure you receive the first edition when it comes out tomorrow.

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