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Jerry West rips LeBron James' Finals critics

Some have criticized LeBron James for his 2-4 record in the NBA Finals. Jerry West couldn't disagree more.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James entered the 2016 NBA Finals with two wins in six appearances in the NBA's championship round, but NBA legend Jerry West says that criticism of James is "ridiculous."

It's good to hear a legend of the game come to such an aggressive defense of James. West himself went 1-8 in the Finals because he had the misfortune of sharing an era with the great Celtics teams starring Bill Russell, so he'd know about Finals disappointment.

He also would know about context, rightfully mentioning that James has often been an underdog in his Finals career, despite mistakenly saying that James' team wasn't favored in any of the six years. LeBron has been a favorite in the championship twice: once in 2011, against the Mavericks, and in 2013 against the Spurs.

It's tough to appraise a legacy based on Finals performances, especially in a league as competitive as this one. Chris Manning and myself went back-and-forth on what this year's Finals would mean for James legacy just before Game 1.

What should be universally agreed upon is that it's insane that James has made it six times in a row. Arash Markazi illustrated just how easy it was to even make it to the championship round back in the 60's, the last time any player made six consecutive series.

In all, we probably shouldn't just play the old "count the ringz" game, but instead take a look at a player's collective body of work. LeBron's has been spectacular, and at the very least, one legend of the game understands what he's added to the game.