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LeBron James says he's "one of the lower guys of the totem pole" of Cavs organization

Despite years of continuous speculation of how power he truly has within the Cavs organization, LeBron proclaims that he's only just a player.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since LeBron James has returned to Cleveland after a four-year hiatus, many have claimed that he is the one with the most power within the Cavs organization. Whether it's a trade (like the ones for J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye) or coaching decisions (like how David Blatt was fired mid season and replaced by Tyronn Lue), the rumor always is that LeBron definitely had a say in the decision.

At today's Finals press conference, however, LeBron had a different idea of where he stands in the Cavs chain of power.

Rumors of how much pull LeBron has in Cleveland will forever be a story whenever a major move is made by the Cavs for as long as he remains with the team, no matter how many times either he or general manager David Griffin need to make statements regarding this situation.

One thing about LeBron is that always knows what's going on around him. And that doesn't just pertain to how the Cavs organization operates, but also with what is being said about him. For as good as LeBron is at basketball, his trolling abilities are equally as good. I mean, just look at his Twitter account over the past six months.

Also, the fact that the media snickered at this comment goes to show how much truth there was in that statement. Even if he doesn't have as much power within the organization as many believe he does, he is no way at the bottom of the organization. But the comment itself is an A+ troll job from the King.